Custom Cloning Service

We provide high quality cloning service at very competitive price.  All clones are sequenced verified and guaranteed error-free.  Standard cloning service starts at $250.


  • Genomic DNA clone: We have experience in cloning genomic DNA from many species with a variety of difficulties such as high GC content, hairpin structure, repetitive sequences. We can clone genomic DNA into a variety of vectors for sequencing, expression and other manipulations. Guaranteed low price, email or call for quote

  • shRNA and RNAi Construct: You design your construct at your finger tip, we deliver the clone into your lab.

  • cDNA clone: We can clone your cDNA into a variety of vectors at affordable price and in very short time period. We can provide assistance in expression construct design at request.

  • Knockout and Knock in constructs: We have experience in making knockout and knock in constructs for many species. We can mimic the host gene codon to optimize the expression of your gene in different host

  • Genetic Engineering: Our expertise in gene synthesis and molecular cloning can make your digital engineering project into a reality. We have experience in synthesizing and cloning multiple genes into one construct and assemble functional mini chromosomes

  • Zinger Finger Nuclease: You design your own Zinger Finger Nuclease; we will synthesize the gene and clone it into your expression vectors at very low cost. Our streamlined process can make large number of novel gene at very affordable price


For a quote of our Custom Cloning Service, please email your sequence to


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