Contract Services

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Gene Synthesis: We have extensive experience in gene synthesis and gene assembly. We are able to synthesize very complicated DNA sequence such long repeats and extreme high GC contents.

Peptide Synthesis: Provides a wide range of peptide synthesis services. Regular Peptide Price List (US$/Residue for 6-30 mer peptides (US$).

Custom Cloning: Including cDNA cloning, vector modification, virus vector construction etc. Our seamless cloning technology enable us to move your gene into any vector at the exact position it should be. Very fast for ZFN construction and shRNA expression construction.

Site-Directed Mutagenesis: Highly efficient mutagenesis technology provides you the powerful tool to study protein structure and function at very little cost.

Variants Library Construction: A very powerful and inexpensive service to provide a diversity of gene variants for screening the desired function.

DNA Sequencing: We provide one day Sanger sequencing service at $5/reaction. Free local Houston TMC pickup.

Next-Generation Sequencing: Fast Next-Gen Sequencing using Ion torrent PGM at affordable price. 314 chip and 316 chip, 200bp reads. Get your result in one week!

Protein Expression Optimization: A service to help you find the best expression conditions in E coli and coupled with our codon optimization service, It help you to utilize E . coli expression system.

Protein Expression and Purification: Many years of experience enable us to provide relaible protein expression and purification service.


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