Sanger sequencing is still widely used in research today, especially for smaller scale projects such as verifying plasmid constructs or identifying mutations in specific genes. It is also commonly used for sequencing PCR products, as it provides accurate results for shorter read lengths.

While next-generation sequencing technologies have revolutionized the field of genomics by allowing for large-scale sequencing at a lower cost and faster turnaround time, Sanger sequencing still has advantages in terms of accuracy and reliability for specific applications. Additionally, Sanger sequencing is often more cost-effective and efficient for small-scale projects.


Sanger sequencing using ABI 3730xl DNA Analyzer. Houston Free pick up!


  • ABI Bigdye3.1 chemistry, reading length reach upto 900bp.
  • Fast turnaround time <24 Hours.
  • GC rich template or sequence with 2nd structures are doable if notice in advance.
  • Highly experienced tech support help you to solve difficult templates.

Sequencing with hairpin containing template

Sequencing with high GC template, up to 93%

Sequencing reads up to 980bp with high quality template

Sequencing data with Poly T

Sample Submission:

  • Please download the Sample submission form , fill it and send us by email.
  • Sample type: plasmid, bacteria colonies, PCR products, ready to load plate.
  • Low price, email or call for a quote.
  • Unpurified PCR and Bacterial plates, add $1.99/each sample or colony.
  • Deep discounts for load and run plates, call or email for a quote.
  • Call or email us before you send out your sample.

Additional Services:

  • Plasmid primer walking.
  • Primer synthesis.
  • Publication sequencing of whole plasmid.
  • Plasmid preparation from colonies: mini prep to maxi prep.
  • 16S rRNA sequencing for bacterial identification.
  • STR/SSR analysis
  • SNP sequencing
  • qRT-PCR

Contact us:

Tel: 832-886-5231  Email

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