Site Directed Mutagenesis




Site-directed mutagenesis is a powerful molecular biology technique that allows researchers to introduce precise changes in DNA sequences. This technique enables the creation of mutant genes that can be used to investigate the function of specific proteins or to generate new variants with improved properties.

The basic principle of site-directed mutagenesis is to introduce targeted changes in the DNA sequence of a gene, while keeping the rest of the sequence unchanged. This can be achieved by using synthetic oligonucleotide primers that are designed to anneal to the template DNA at the desired site of mutation. The primers contain the desired mutation(s) and are used in a PCR-based reaction to amplify the DNA fragment with the desired mutation(s).

Site-directed mutagenesis has numerous applications in molecular biology, ranging from basic research to biotechnology and medicine. For example, it can be used to study the structure-function relationship of proteins, to create knock-out or knock-in models for genetic diseases, or to engineer enzymes with improved catalytic properties. The technique can also be applied to synthetic biology to create new genetic circuits or to improve the performance of existing ones.

Site directed mutagenesis is widely used in to study protein structure and function, to improve enzyme and protein property such as catalytic efficiency and stability. It is also used in antibody engineering to generate high potency and humanized antibodies. We have streamlined the process to make single or multiple mutations simultaneously and be able to generate hundreds to thousands constructs in very short period of time at very low cost.

Epoch Life Science offer three options for your site-directed mutagenesis needs:

  1. 1. Single Mutation and Multiple Mutations in a Single Construct: Our prices start at $250 per construct, which can include multiple point mutations, not just single-point mutations. To receive a precise quotation, email us your sequence and desired mutations. In most cases, we can directly work on your expression vector. We guarantee low prices, so please contact us via email or phone for a quote.

  2. 2. Collection of Mutations in a Single Gene: If you're searching for the optimal enzyme, protein, or antibody, our computer-based rational design can generate hundreds of candidates for testing. We can help you make all the desirable constructs in a short period of time, as well as provide services to express the protein and screen its activities. Our goal is to help our customers find their dream molecule.

  3. 3. Library of Mutants: Random mutants in certain protein domains can be used to screen for desirable properties. We can generate libraries with verified diversity.

We are committed to providing quality service that meets your needs. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to receive a customized quote:

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