Next Generation Sequencing


Epoch Life Science provides a next generation sequencing service using Ion Torrent Personal Genome Machine (PGM). The PGM™ sequencer is a bench top system utilizing semiconductor technology that enables rapid and scalable sequencing experiments.

Ion Torrent technology uses a massively parallel array of proprietary semiconductor sensors to perform direct real time measurement of the hydrogen ions produced during DNA replication. A high-density array of wells on the Ion semiconductor chips provide millions of individual reactors while integrated fluidics allow reagents to flow over the sensor array. This unique combination of fluidics, micromachining, and semiconductor technology enable the direct translation of genetic information (DNA) to digital information (DNA sequence) rapidly and generating >20Mb (314 chip) and >100Mb (316 chip) data output respectively. A typical sequencing run takes only 2-3 hours. Project pipeline is as below.

Using Ion Torrent PGM platform, Epoch Life Science provides the following services:

  • Genome-wide detection of SNPs and mutations, whole exome validation for other platforms.
  • Small genome sequencing, including Microbial, Virus and Mitochondrial Sequencing.
  • Targeted (Amplicon) Sequencing, including Exon enrichment, custom target enrichment.
  • Library Assessment: Rapid library complexity validation/QC prior to run on high throughput sequencing platforms.
  • Barcoded sample sequencing.
  • Chip-seq

Sample Submission:

  • Genomic DNA: 10-20ug of gDNA without RNA contamination, Please provide OD260:OD280 ratio and concentration.
  • Amplicon: Please consult first for PCR primer design with adaptor sequence included. Amplicon size should be 75-250 bp without adaptor sequences. Long Amplicon also could be fragmentized before adaptor ligation.

Result Delivery:

  • Usually generate >20Mbp Q20 sequencing data with reading length 80-230bp using a 314 chip.
  • PDF report file containing the summary of the run will be sent by Email.
  • FastQ data and Compressed Standard Flowgram Format (SFF)-formatted file that contains "flow space" data could be provided by FTP download or DVD disk.
  • Alignment to reference sequence could be provide as BAM or SAM format as requested.

Turn around time: About one week upon receiving of samples.

Introduction price:

  • For 314 chip: $1000/run. Library preparation fee is not included. >20Mbp Q20 data output.
  • For 316 chip: $1900/run. Library preparation fee is not included. >80Mbp Q20 data output.

Additonal bioinformatics analysis is available with a fee.

Related services:

  • Perform large scale PCR array for genomic project, such as exome amplification from multiple samples.
  • Purify PCR products and QC using Agarose gel.
  • Synthesize custom designed PCR primers.
  • Library preperation for Next Generation Sequencing.

With Ion Torrent PGM, Epoch Life Science is able to provide fast next generation sequencing service at affordable price. Please email us for detail information.

Contact us: email to or call us at 832-8865231

Epoch Life Science is determined to maintain the highest standards and perform the highest quality services.

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