Epoch Life Science provides two types of DNA/RNA purification columns: silica membrane based and DEAE anion exchange based.

Silica membrane spin columns and filter plates are commonly used for nucleic acid purification. Nucleic acids are selectively bound to silica membrane in the presence of chaotropic agents, while impurities are washed away with a series of buffers. The nucleic acids are then eluted from the column with a low-salt buffer or water, resulting in highly purified DNA/RNA.

Spin columns are convenient for small to medium scale purifications, and are available in a variety of sizes for different sample volumes.

Filter plates are ideal for high-throughput applications, as they allow for simultaneous processing of multiple samples in a single plate.

DEAE anion exchange has been used for nucleic acid purification since the early 1980s, and it remains a widely used technique today, especially for large scale high purirty plasmid purificaion. However there is only few sources for DEAE anion exchange columns.

Epoch Life Science is dedicated to provide both silica membrane and DEAE anion exchange based DNA RNA purification columns for research community.

EconoSpin® All-In-One Silica Membrane Mini Spin Column has been widely used as a low cost substitute for Qiaprep*, Qiaquick*, Qiaamp*, DNeasy*, RNeasy*, PureLink*, GeneElute*, PureYield*, and more. In a stand alone single column format, its application covers from DNA to RNA, from plasmid to viral and genomic DNA, from regular PCR purification to next generation sequencing sample preparation.

Since its introduction in 2005, millions of pieces have served scientists around the world. Enthusiasts have honored EconoSpin® in peer-reviewed publications with their own mission-tailored buffers for various applications.

EconoSpin® mini spin column is compatible with a wide range of buffers** from all brand names.

Notes: *Trade marks owned by Qiagen: Qiaprep, Qiaquick, Qiaamp, DNeasy, RNeasy. Purelink belongs to Lifetech. GeneElute is a trade mark of Sigma and PureYield goes to Promega.

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