Epoch Life Science is proud to offer an all-inclusive plasmid management service platform that leverages our existing expertise in de novo gene synthesis, DNA sequencing, and nucleic acid purification technology. We cater to the plasmid needs of big pharma, start-up biotech companies, and individual research laboratories. Our comprehensive services include new vector construction, variants, modification, sequencing verification, storage, and plasmid preparation.

Our Integrated Plasmid Management System delivers plasmids fast, whenever and wherever you need them, precisely the sequence you want, at the quality and quantity relevant to your experiment.

Our streamlined processes and centralized plasmid storage system offer faster turnaround times for new constructs and variants. This is crucial in today's ever-increasingly competitive business and academic environments, where speed and efficiency are essential for success.

We provide plasmid preparation services at all scales, from Maxi to Giga scale endotoxin-free plasmid preparation for in vitro transcription (IVT) studies, to gram-level large prep for process development. Our state-of-the-art platform ensures fast and accurate results.

Our centralized storage system and digital record-keeping make it easy to locate and retrieve any plasmid you may need without the hassle of searching through old notebooks or freezers. Our platform ensures that you never have to worry about losing valuable genetic material. We create a physical copy of your entire vector repertoire, so no plasmids are misplaced or lost due to the departure of a postdoc or graduate. At Epoch Life Science, we're committed to providing fast, accurate, and reliable results for all of your plasmid needs.

Here is how it works:

1. You send us your plasmid

2. We retransform it to E.coli

3. We make a large stock, store it at -80°C, sequence the plasmid, generate the digital copy

4. You send us your new order and we make your new construct

5. We purify the plasmid

6. We do the QC (endotoxing level, insert verification, supercoil fraction, gDNA, RNA, protein contamination, sterile test)

And finally you get your plasmid in the mail

Partner with Epoch Life Science today for all your plasmid needs. We are committed to providing you with high-quality and reliable services to support your research and development.

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