Epoch Life Science provides products to support research and development in the fields of molecular biology, cell biology, and immunology.

Epoch Life Science's product offerings include a range of research reagents, such as DNA cloning kits, Sanger sequencing consumables, genomic DNA, plasmid and RNA purification kits, DNA RNA spin columns and 96 well filter plates, enzymes, recombinant proteins, and transfection reagents etc.

One of our featured product line is the Sanger sequencing consumables, which are key reagents for genetic study. Epoch Life Science is one of the few companies which is capable of manufacturing such reagents.

Our DNA RNA purification kits, spin columns and 96-well filter plates have been used by scientists around the world since 2004 and cited by thousands of peer-reviewed publication.

Epoch Life Science's product is sold on this web site as well as ThermoFisher and VWR.

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