Plasmid Modification

Site Directed Mutagenesis

Site directed mutagenesis is widely used in to study protein structure and function, to improve enzyme and protein property such as catalytic efficiency and stability. It is also used in antibody engineering to generate high potency and humanized antibodies. We have streamlined the process to make single or multiple mutations simultaneously and be able to generate hundreds to thousands constructs in very short period of time at very low cost.

  • Single mutation and multiple mutations in a single constructs: Price started at $250 per construct for single mutation. Additional mutations will be at will be charged at $50 per additional mutation. We can directly work on your expression vector in most cases. Guaranteed low price, email or call for quote
  • Collection of mutations in a single gene. If you are searching the optimal enzyme, protein, or antibody. Computer based rational design could generate hundreds candidates to test. To find out the best molecule, we can help you to make all desirable constructs in a short period of time. We are also providing service to express the protein and screening the activities to assist our customer to find the dream molecule.
  • Library of mutants: Library of random mutants at certain domains of protein are used to screen the desirable properties. We can generate libraries with guaranteed diversity

For a quote of our Site Directed Mutagenesis Service, please email your sequence to

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