Topo isomerase based fast zero background cloning kit for sticky end DNA fragments. Both AmpR and KanR available for choose. Does not include competent cell.


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CloneSmarter™ Zero Background Topoisomerase TA Cloning Kit is designed for fast cloning of DNA fragments up to 10 kb generated by Taq DNA polymerase which introduce single 3’-A overhang to the end of the DNA product. DNA fragments generated by restriction digestion or obtained by mechanical shearing can also be effectively cloned after end polishing using Taq DNA polymerase. It utilizes DNA strand transfer activity of Viccinia virus topoisomerase I. Vaccinia virus DNA topoisomerase I forms a 3’-phosphoryl intermediate with the plasmid vector containing cleavage recognition motif of 5’ CCCTT↓. Covalently bound topoisomerase I then transfer the incised vector DNA strand to the DNA fragment to be cloned with free 5’-OH terminuses (refer to the illustration below). This transferring reaction is rapid and reproducible. The cloning vector pCloneEZ-TA-Amp/HC and pCloneEZ-TA-Kan/HC included in this kit are high copy number plasmid engineered to tolerate mild toxic genes. For fast cloning of extremely toxic genes please chose our advanced CloneRanger Topoisomerase Kit.

Does not include competent cell.

Zero Background: >90% of randomly picked clones contain the right insert.


Fast: Instant transformation after mixing PCR fragment with vector, no incubation needeed.


CloneSmarter™ Zero Background Blunt Topoisomerase Cloning Kit Flow Chart:

Kit Size
Components C5863-25/C5864-25 (25 rxns) C5863-50/C5864-50 (50 rxns)
pCloneEZ-TA-Amp/HC or
pCloneEZ-TA-Kan/HC (20 ng/μl)
25 µl 50 µl
10X Enhancer 30 µl 60 µl
Control Insert lacZα (20ng/μl) 10 µl 10 µl
Blank Control Vector (100ng/μl) 20 µl 20 µl
M13F Sequencing Primer (10pmol) 100 µl 100 µl
M13R Sequencing Primer (10pmol) 100 µl 100 µl

Vector Sequence Files:

Snapgene File
Genbank File
pCloneEZ-TA-Amp-HC pCloneEZ-TA-Amp-HC
pCloneEZ-TA-Kan-HC pCloneEZ-TA-Kan-HC


Key Features:

CloneSmarter™ Zero Background Topo TA Cloning Protocol:

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