SSL-505 Solid State Laser generates single band 505 nm light, which can completely replace argon laser on 3100/3130/3130XL/3730/3730XL DNA analyzer for Sanger sequencing and 4 color/6 color STR.


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SSL-505 Solid State Laser with a single band at 505 nm provides several advantages over argon laser on 3100/3130/3130XL/3730/3730XL DNA analyzer for Sanger sequencing and fragment analysis. It is more reliable and efficient than argon lasers, and it requires less maintenance. The laser is also more compact and lightweight, making it easier to transport and install. Additionally, the solid state laser is more energy efficient, resulting in lower operating costs. Finally, the laser is capable of producing higher power levels, allowing for more accurate analysis of DNA samples.

-Stability: SSL-505 is highly stable, with minimal fluctuations in output power or wavelength. This stability ensures consistent and reliable performance of the instrument, resulting in high-quality data.
-Longevity: SSL-505 has a long lifetime, 2-3 times of an argon laser. This reduces the need for frequent laser replacements and maintenance, which saves time and money.
-Efficiency: SSL-505 Solid-state lasers is very efficient, converting a large percentage of the electrical energy into laser light. This results in lower power consumption and reduced operating costs compared to argon lasers. SSL-505 is only 10W, about 1% of an argon laser. It genenrates very low levels of heat which effectively extends CCD life, eliminates the need for hot air dissipation duct and extra air conditioning.
-Light Weight: SSL-505 is ligh weight. No extra heavy duty power supply is needed.

Overall, the use of SSL-505 solid-state laser on the 3730/3730xl DNA Analyzer provides a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solution for DNA sequencing and fragment analysis.