Silica membrane spin column based total isolation kit for the isolation of RNA molecules larger than 200 nucleotides. Two sizes to choose from: 50 preps or 250 preps per kit.


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GenCatch™ Total RNA Extraction Miniprep System provides an economical method to purify total RNA from various samples such as cultured cells, tissues, and bacteria. A simple silica-membrane spin-column method can isolate total RNA without need of performing time-consuming phenol/ chloroform extraction and ethanol precipitation. Total RNA longer than 200 nucleotides are isolated, while small RNA such as 5.8S RNA, 5S RNA, and tRNA, which make up 15-20% of the total RNA, are excluded.

Sample Size:

Samples Recommended Amount of Samples Yield (µg)
Animal Cells NIH-3T3 1 x 106cells 12
  HeLa 1 x 106cells 15
  COS-7 1 x 106cells 30
  LMH 1 x 106cells 12
Animal Tissues Mouse/rat tissues
  Embryo 10 mg 30
  Heart 10 mg 10
  Brain 10 mg 10
  Kidney 10 mg 35
  Liver 10 mg 45
  Spleen 10 mg 35
  Lung 10 mg 10
  Thymus 10 mg 45
Bacteria E.coli 1 x 109 cells 45
  B. subtilis 1 x 109 cells 40


Yield: Up to 100 μg/per column of total RNA.

Quality: RNA purified is suitable for many downstream molecular manipulations including, RT-PCR, cDNA synthesis, in vitro translation, etc.

Convenient: No phenol extractions or ethanol precipitations required.

GenCatch™ Total RNA Mini Prep Flow Chart:

GenCatch Total RNA mini prep flow chart


  Cat. No.: 1660050 Cat. No.: 1660250
RX Buffer 36 ml 150 ml
WF Buffer 30 ml 150 ml
WS Buffer 15 ml 45 ml
RNase-free ddH2O 3 ml 25 ml
GenCatch™ Mini Column 50 pieces 250 pieces
Collection Tube 50 pieces 250 pieces
Elution Tube 50 pieces 250 pieces
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GenCatch™ Total RNA Miniprep Protocol:

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