EconoShredder disposable shearing tube homogenizer for use in nucleic acid minipreps, with attached caps.


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The EconoShredder disposable shearing tube homogenizer is a microcentrifuge spin-column format device that features a unique biopolymer-shredding system. To use it, simply load cell or tissue lysate onto the EconoShredder homogenizer placed in a collection tube and centrifuge. The homogenized lysate is then collected. When compared to rotor-stator homogenization, similar yields and RNA/DNA quality are typically obtained.

The EconoShredder homogenizer provides a convenient and efficient method for homogenizing cell or tissue lysate, yielding high-quality RNA/DNA.

The EconoShredder homogenizer is a low cost alternative to QIAshredder from Qiagen.

Key Futures:

DNase and RNase Free. Can be used for both RNA and DNA purification.

Construction: Polypropylene tube with polyethylene frits. 

Sample Size: Up to 850 µl per column.

Follow the protocol of your current kit, simply substitute QIAshredder with EconoShredder